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Occupational Therapy Programs

Now Offering Natural Environment Occupational Therapy Services

Nature-Based & School-Based Services

  • Occupational Therapy helps children achieve important developmental milestones through progressive skill acquisition or environmental or task adaptation.
  • The primary goal of occupational therapy is to help clients reach their functional potential and enable them to participate in tasks that they find meaningful.

Parent/Caregiver Training

  • Outdoor Occupational Therapy is when OT sessions are conducted outside, preferably in a natural environment, offering many benefits. Practicing skills in a more familiar environment promotes skill acquisition and generalization.
  • Outdoor OT enhances the use of play as an occupation through which children can learn valuable skills, including gross motor coordination and bilateral integration.
  • The more natural the environment is, the more easily skills such as imaginary play and ideation can be addressed. Playing outdoors is often highly motivating for children and can enhance participation in therapeutic activities.